Divine Connections (posted 3/30/07)

May 3, 2007

During this Lenten Season I have had numerous opportunities to educate people about contemplative spirituality. I have encountered all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of questions. In my teaching, I have learned a very important lesson: It’s not about what you pray. It’s not even about who you pray to, one would argue. The important thing is that you pray.

I have spoken to Episcopalians, AMEs, Baptists, Catholics, Sikhs, people that practice Kabbalah, Yoruba, Astrology and people with no particular religious affiliation. The common thread that holds true is that one must recognize that there is a higher power and one’s life should be dedicated to reconnecting to that power by love and compassion. The ultimate goal of the universe is to reconnect completely with that higher power. We achieve that by connecting our divine essence with those around us, thus strengthening the divinity of God.

We can facilitate these divine connections by spending time in prayer. Not necessarily prayer in the traditional sense, but in spending time simply being in the presence of the Divine. The more time we spend resting in God’s Presence the more able we are to recognize what that Presence feels like. We then can be able to notice that Presence in others and can connect the Divinity within us to that Presence. Every connection we make is another step closer the universe is to achieving its ultimate goal.

Simply put, the more time we spend recognizing God’s presence (whatever we call it) and loving one another unconditionally, the more fulfillment we will gain for our own lives and the closer we are to the ultimate goal of the universe. So the next time you pray, brothers and sisters, don’t say anything. Simply listen to God and recognize what that feels like. Carry that feeling with you and spread it into everyone you encounter.

God’s Peace…

Br. Ashton J. Reynolds, OPC


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